Saturday, December 22, 2012

Peach Hue

Hey everyone,

Got another look for you guys. Its a look I wore to work with my maroon (mulberry) uniform. I wear the same colours every week and its very boring so I try to do different looks as my tiny form of personalization.

So I did a sort of peach and toned down pink look. I used eyeshadow Tender on the inner lid and blended with Salmon which is just a brighter peachy/coral colour. Then I used #26 in the crease (the pink) and blended with Pale Gold as my highlight. I used blush #3a (yes my fav) and lip stick #5.

I loved this look and will do it again to go out with brighter colours.

What do you guys think about peach and pink? Link me to your pics where you've tried a combo like this or message me to get these exact shades.

Thanks as always for giving me a 2 minutes from your day.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bejeweled Igloo

Hey guys,

I have a look to show you guys that I absolutely love. I did this look to head out to the mall with my mum. What made this look especially special to me is that these are the first pics I took with my S3 and they are fabulous. ♥

On my eyes I used Igloo on my lids, Jewel is the purple, Smokey Silver in the crease, Sassy is the pink that I used as my transition/blending colour and Avalanche as my highlight. On my cheeks i used my blush #3a and lip stick #5 on my lips (coming soon).

I cant even begin to tell you guys how much I love how this look came out, especially considering I washed my hair, didnt comb it (flat iron) and it looked awesome all day with minimal frizz...kudos to extra virgin olive oil. I really had fun with this one.

Thanks for checking me out. Feel free to comment and share.

Pretty Preppy Pink


Here's a look I did a few weekends ago to go meet a client. I had some extra time on my hands and had too much fun with colours.

I used Twilight (silver), Barbie (pink), Poseidon (blue), Liquid Gold on the lower lashline and Halo as my highlight. Blush #3a on my cheeks and I didn't have any lip gloss on me so I mixed the blush with the my lip balm and wa

Hope you guys like. Thanks for stopping by!

Hey everyone,

Here's another look I randomly smashed together. Guess I was a little adventurous with my work makeup last week.

I used Liquid Gold (the gold on the inner corner) , Emerald (the green), Mayan Chocolate ( the light bronzy/brown), Pale Gold as my highlight and Burnt Orange on my lower lashline. I also used blush #7. And of course, I forgot to put on a lippie.

So the norm will be that i include a photo of the actual products used and so i did!

My first look! Violet Skyscraper.

Hi everyone,

So this is my first look since I'm back. It's a pretty purple look I did one morning I woke up feeling colourful.

The eyeshadows I used were Violet (the lavender), Skyscraper (the plum), Barbie (the pink) and Peach Puff as my highlight shade. Blush is #3a. I'm usually always in a hurry to take pics as I'm rushing out the house. So I'll hardly ever be wearing a lippie in my pics because I need my lip balm to soak in first as you can see how dry my lips have been lately.

I included a photo of a quad I put together so you guys can see what the actual eye shadows look like.

I hope you like! Thanks for stopping by!

The product pics keep defaulting fo the top....i dont know why...oh well

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Brand New Me.....

Hi everyone,

Its been a whole year since i last posted. I've been quite busy creating my own handmade makeup line....Yes! You read that correctly. I am now making eye shadows, blushes, face primer and lippies will be the next product out. I'm very excited about this venture and appreciate all the support that I've been getting. Have no fear, I will be introducing you guys to the products as I actively get back on the blogger train. I offer products both loose and in pressed form, in customizable palettes. You can view some of my products on I'll be back in the game posting looks, products and models photos. So stay tuned guys!