Saturday, January 12, 2013

Free Spirited Tidal Blue

Hi everyone,

Thanks for showing me some love once again.

I have another look for you guys. Its a nice soft easy breezy blue I did to knock about with my mum and godmum.

Enjoy! Feel free to re-create and comment.

Golden Peacock

Hey guys,

Told y'all I'm on a roll. Gonna post 3 looks today.

I did this look for a wedding i attended. I didnt plan on going to the wedding but changed my mind really last minute so i had to hustle hustle hustle lol...whats new!?!

I used Liquid Gold and Peacock. Blush in #6 which is a bronzy shades.

See y'all soon again!

Soft Smoky Browns

Ok guys,

So this is my last post for today. This look was done for my mum's surprise birthday lime. I wanted something soft but smokey, natural but noticeable and this is what I came up with. I will be re-doing this look in the future blending a bit more. The layers of colour look a bit harsh in the photos.

I used Truffle (deep brown), Molten (copper), and Liquid Gold then highlighted with Pale Gold. On my cheeks is Blush #6 and one of my own handmade lip glosses on my lips!

I felt so good wearing this look and if you try it send me a link in the comments. Especially for my clients who own these same shades.

Have fun with makeup just the way I do and love your results and improve each and every time.

Thanks for giving me a few minutes and stopping by.


Deep Blue Sea

Hi everyone,

Im on a roll these days. I have a few looks lined up for you guys!

This one is a really bright intense blue (considering I wore it to work). I just felt lively and great that morning. However I didn't have much time to dress so I threw this look together in no time at all.

I used Poseidon as the main blue, Cobalt is the darker blue in the outer v and Violet as just a slight purple halo. I really liked it but didnt like the pics...oh well. Hope you enjoy still!

Thanks for stopping by!